The Power Of Russ’ Prayer

Russ was born with a normal arm, and a withered arm. He struggled through many chores, insults, and bullying.
At one time in his life, he was unable to withstand the stress any longer, and in his ultimate frustration
he prayed to God.

“God! Please, please, please make my arm like the other one so I can be normal!”
Exhausting himself, he fell fast asleep.

Upon waking, Russ gradually came to and noticed a tingling feeling in one arm.
Sitting up, he looked over to check and sure enough – the power of prayer had worked.

Both arms were now withered. Russ continues to save on gloves, love his job as a traffic cop, enjoy his uniqueness among rappers and has hopes of winning the 1960’s Throwback Dance For Spastics.

He continues to honor his parents for their undying belief in euthanasia, brings flowers to them every Sunday, and pats the dirt down so no animals will disturb them.
And to make sure they can’t get up.

Russ is grateful for his prayers. And to the famous Canadian songwriter who wrote a song tribute to him, ‘Rus’ Never Sleeps.’

He is praying, again. Good ol’ Russ.

©Dean J. Baker

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