The Culture Of Fear And Idiocy

Internet bills regarding privacy will soon be coming more to the forefront. You believe in freedom of expression until all the nuts in the world make false accusations and these pile up endlessly until you understand that every nutjob who speaks is taken as seriously as you are.
No one cares about authenticity anymore – if you write, you’re a writer; if you poeticize, you’re a poet, but mostly if you articulate you must be thinking.

Internet history is a concern when being hired, when being considered for anything. Surrender your passwords, surrender your accounts. People want to know what you’re thinking. Not that they actually give two shits what you’re saying. They want to know what you’re considering.

Want the job? Want to provide for yourself, your family? Watch what you think. Our diversions are the Islamics, the politicians, the stupid actors giving their donkey opinions (exceptions are there however), what money is being spent, how much you can save by spending more (not a Black Friday sale, government process).
What’s affecting all of this – the fact that you are no longer trained to think – goes basically unmentioned in the shitstorm of consumerism.
At times it feels like we’re no more real while stuck in the trope that the Bruce Willis character is when the kid tells him, “I see dead people.”

The last thing government and any other institutions want from you is the process of thought, the development of a disciplined dedication to understanding the processes by which things seemingly just ‘happen’ to be, along with how things developed to this degree through an understanding of history through the great writers like Paine, Dickens, Thucydides (The Athenian General), Marcus Aurelius (Meditations), Henry Miller’s The Books In My Life, Tropic of Cancer, The Air-Conditioned Nightmare, etc etc.), Dante, etc etc.
Dickens for example wrote that ‘David Copperfield’ was to a great degree his own story.
The great English poet Shelley mixed his politics and poetry in a way not accomplished by others since. His pedigree of Mary Wollstonecraft (‘A Vindication Of The Rights Of Women’) and William Godwin (‘An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice’- 1793) as mother and father-in-laws respectively, along with his wife’s story ‘Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus’ is usually what gets left out.

It is exactly what seems to be specialized that ought to be a matter for discovery. ‘A Vindication Of The Rights Of Women’ in 1792!? How, or did it, coincide with acts taken further in the USA at the time, or later by those active in such rights?
Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus? Not just neck bolts and heavy boots? Prometheus.. wasn’t, or isn’t that Greek? Didn’t the Greeks align tales using gods and such to parallel the psychology of humans, individually and socially?

But you do see that would convey an interest in thinking, discovering, not settling for the crowd penchant of ‘yehhh’ which could mean the sacrifice of the bull in Apocalypse Now, the game scoring goal any time, or Our Man in Havana (sorry Grahame Green) Washington.

What this culture of mass hypnosis accomplishes is the brain-washing of distancing our real selves from our public involvement. Are you really exactly what you portray online? Doubtful, unless you’re a virtual vomitorium.
We do have those private thoughts and considerations. To the degree that online showbiz – i.e. culture – is fantastic, uncoupled from reality, is the measure of how far we as individuals are from accomplishing in the real world anything at all that reflects our true selves. And our involvement online is the gauge by which we can know this.

We, the isolates, are in our very own private confessionals attempting to communicate – a design built for failure. A substitute for real culture, thought and development. The passionate involvement in online activity is not what its appearance suggests – but the opposite: a frantic help signal that the structures of support, heritage, and history are now calculated in fragmentary ellipses of light.

False enlightenment. False struggle. And soon enough more suggestions of controlling even that – giving such self-deluded involvement in other lives – a certain reality by appearing to take them authentically.

Ruled by Baron Munchausen, no wonder the theme of vampires and zombies rule. Dead people without reflections, or reflection. Zombies of the pc apocalypse.
Bu then again you can always check out the actresses, blondes with big tits, scour the net for crimes, and videos to comfort against all that stuff.

So if you have thoughts, something other than what is on the surface for the internet, your government wants to know. Stalin or Hitler are no longer required on the stage where everybody believes they can all be a better choice for whatever current candidate is campaigning for whatever current or future role.

Anyone not thinking of these things has already accepted their own Manchurian candidacy. The government insists it’s for your own good, and that’s why they want to know what you’re thinking.

It does matter. So keep thinking, start thinking. Don’t go begging for your own dead self, afterwards: you won’t care.

©Dean J. Baker

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