#Pooliticians & #Politics

#Pooliticians & #Politics cater to the lowest common denominator since they know it’s predominantly representative of themselves: here’s a lollipop little people.
Only reason they say change (Obuma) or forward (Turdeau) is cause what they’ll do to ya from behind after elected, and that’s what you got left after they do a Boob Rae and spend the future into prosperity.

Pooliticians: what the brightest won’t be, what’s left after even the crooks desert. i.e. sociopaths working out their inner retards in public in public minus any penalties with the guarantee of a huge pension.

Voters: getting what they ‘think’ of themselves.

If you’re not stupid & have an intelligent perspective on what’s rationally possible to be implemented, you’re doomed for disappointment since the same masses who elected Turdeau Sr., Clinton, Bush, Obuma, & T-Rump, demonstrate unthinking conditioning inflicted by the edicational system.

No Poolitician wants you to be aware of this.

©Dean J. Baker

So say something, already.. what? You're Helen Keller, you cabbage?

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