God Hasn’t Spoken To Okrah Yet, but Pence, Sure aka Are We Mental

Never mind how mental you have to be to believe that of the billions of people on the earth God has singled you out to speak with, what about the poverty of the imagination fixated on a concept thousands of years old.
Predating history, repeated throughout various religions, and never singularly attributed as to source origin but allowed to be sunk in a morass of moral superiority guaranteeing a definitive absence of authenticity which then brags about its truth and originality.

All this without a singular book defining the origin of such concepts as to time and specific neutrality allowing empty-headed and ego-stranded morons to dishonor human imagination and proclaim their poverty of thought as the self-serving circularity defining their right to be seen as right.

Thereby insuring a false consensus and stultified dialog surfing the inability to proceed beyond their willed incapacities, and announcing that such familiarity decides the certainty they believe, making a virtue of their stasis, their willingness to sacrifice passively minds of others in such a flat-earth fixation, and the absence of any qualms of conscience – its elimination guaranteed by their declaration of ‘faith’ – that they may actually be signaling the end of such examples of humanity.

The only good thing being that when this comes in huge groupings it also means the beginning of something new arising out of such muck.

So, Believe For Change!

©Dean J. Baker

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I finally broke into the poonatentiary.

I spent most of my time on my knees; worshipping at the deep delta, turning a crucifixion into an embrace.

Like any mud-diving fur-trapper, I gathered my share of pelts; trying to rock the boat, without trying so hard as to be oblivious.

Yet when I see you, I break into love – imagining the texture of your hand, your hair’s shine, etc. All those silky things you do for me, how we blend.

But I anticipate myself these days, and in the ends of things.

As always.

©Dean Baker

#Liberals – All The Emperors Are Naked and It’s A Disfiguring Sight

The length of time in office is a great measure of the undying stupidity and deceived self-interest of the voters. Every few years there’s a great outcry about how they’re destroying the country, they’re weasels, etc etc., and they still get back into office.

When they’re not importing voters by playing the empathy card – immigrants, do not mistake how great and modern Canada is by contrasting it with your subterranean cave and then align that with Liberals wishing you well when they really are the modern versions of Southern-fired nutbusters getting their people to vote multiple times with both ultimate aims being that the politicians want to eat your porkchops, your steaks, toss you a scrap and manipulate you into gratitude and worship expressed as votes – they’re ignoring their own culpability about running up the national debt and thus engaging your children into becoming time slaves engaged in paying off each individual politician’s self-love.

Political rules: they win, you lose. You look to them to change. If that isn’t retardism in a nutshell, so to speak, what is.

Politicians ought to be voted in with the same jaundiced cast of eye that you’d engage a relative known for backtalking you as a fucking assgoblin ought to be trusted to do the right thing. Not.
Thus do yourself a favor, eliminate the idea of #Liberals as vote getters.

Disabuse yourself of the notion that this guy or that woman is an okay person and they will bring some integrity to the pool. How? Remind yourself that if that individual politico opposes the ruling Turkey-in-Chief, Turdeau, they’d be out.. so how can they be said to have integrity when in order to keep their jobs they need to compromise it to effect what they tell you will be good for you.
Same old crap and if you believe it you’re the one who can’t tell shit from Shinola, and you’ve done it to yourself. Result: #Liberals get in again.
Same idea when people say just don’t let your lips vapor-lock to the boss’ ass.

Maybe try for the invalid’s – i.e voter’s – version of the Hippocratic oath: pick the version of politicians least likely to do harm. Otherwise what you get are #Liberals who used to be Auschwitz Guards Against Humanity becoming Concerned Caretakers For Crippled Civilians Too Busy To Think.

Don’t be a fuck-stick second-hand shill for soul-sucking politicians in false dialogue compromising your brains and self into a Howdy Doody rage against what you yourself are finally responsible for contriving to commit without acknowledgement.

Otherwise, you are them.

©Dean J. Baker

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My very latest books – memorable, and mind-expanding new work: poems which truly mark a radical departure from previous work in tone, scope, and vision.

CELESTIAL MIGRATIONS IN THE EMPIRE  $9.99 print, $3.99 ebook


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