Why Poetry Matters… from December, 2010

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Why Poetry Matters
by Dean J. Baker on Tuesday, December 28, 2010 at 11:23am
Poetry that is real poetry has been known for distilling, reflecting, and speaking what has remained unspoken and to a degree unknown; whether of an individual conscience, or a global, yet hidden, awareness.
Today, as ever, political correctness has taken the place of conscience. And conscience has become a habit. Under the guise of looseness, or so-called freedom, this society is more doomed by itself than any outside threat, and in a greater straitjacket than anything that went before.

Truth is a casualty of the lack of intelligence, if intelligence is a combination of awareness and unbiased thought producing insights.
The resultant swelling narcissism is what is shaping society, and our perspectives; and thus truth, by the latter’s aimless self-designated goodwill into a causal anonymity of harping egos consistently more unable to recognize what they claim to desire as they destroy its possibility.
The cerebral flatulence of most bloggers, opinion makers, and the media which supports and sustains itself off of them, when not reporting strictly news, is another legend in the making along the lines of what happened to Europe when it was abandoned by Roman rule.

We are destroyed from within. Society reflects this. Contemporary culture is even more indicative. Good, and great art, can alter those prospects.
What I see today, especially in music and literature, is the constipated illusion of talent leveled by a false democracy ridden with contaminated intellectualisms and purveyed by the phony lowest common denominator of misleading empathies that serve only to disguise. All this amid the rationale of greater freedom.

The art and music of today has the depth and staying power of a snowflake. And the significance of backyard gossip. It’s the effluvia of boredom waiting for the real thing.
That flash of recognition of a dialogue you have had, are having, or will have, with yourself. Not chatterboxing the soul into a re-reading of the contents of a cereal box.

There’s joy and wonder in the release of a newly discovered state of being, not merely in the release telling you everybody knows, everything’s good while addressing nothing and becoming more irrelevant. Altering only the fact that you are now minus that time you spent, less inclined to realise anything without approval, and have been pod-peopled by a corporate state.
The barbarians -whether the Gee Hatists, government policy, your neighbors, or you -must always be defended against.
Whomever takes the initiative has the advantage.

You cannot argue with stupidity, whether natural or socially induced. You can change the outcome of its behavior and conclusions, however.
This includes fighting the creeping blight from outside, and protecting the right and the necessity to think within.

Poetry and art is the dialogue any poet and artist has with themselves and society. It is, and it makes all the difference, between real poetry and intellectual garbage, flash bangs, or doilies.
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©Dean J. Baker

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